Nausori Town Council


  • 3 copies of Development Application Forms
  • 3 copies of Application Permission to Build Forms
  • 3 copies of Complete Building Drawing Plans Drawn to Scale (A3 Size paper)
  • 2 sets of building specifications
  • Plans to be certified safe by a Registered Structural Engineer and a Design Certificate to be submitted (this applies to double storey structures and Retaining Wall more than 2m high)
  • Boundary Pegs to be redefined by a Registered Land Surveyor and a Redefined Survey Plan to be submitted.
  • Consent from Ministry of Labor (OHS) and National Fire Authority (NFA) to be obtained (Conditional)
  • Evidence of Ownership & Legal Rights (Certificate of Title, Registered Lease, Sales and Purchase Agreement, Other.)
  • Consent Letter from Landlord if it’s a Leasehold Property (g. NLTB, Director of Lands, Housing Authority, etc.)
  • Background Information if proposal constitutes a Major Development
  • All Council rates to be cleared before application is processed
  • Correct Application Fees (As per Town Planning Act Regulations – Schedule of Fees)


  • All drawings must be in A3 size paper with title block specifying the project proposal, draughtsman contact, address and scale of plans. Drawings should include the following
  • Site & Drainage Plan including the locality of the subjected area   (scale 1:200)
  • Proposed Floor Plan (scale 1:100)
  • Proposed Elevation (scale 1:100)
  • Cross Section (scale 1:50)
  • Electrical Plan (scale 1:100)
  • Foundation Plan (scale 1:100)
  • Foundation Details (scale 1:20)
  • Roof framing Plan (scale 1:100)
  • Roof details  ( scale 1:20)


  • Schedules of drawings may vary depending on the scale of the projects and nature of proposed developments
  • Regularization of as Built structures applicant is required to submit Regularization Report from a Registered Structural Engineer.