Building & Development


1. Commercial Buildings

No. Description
01 Walls
02 Ceiling
03 Structure
04 Floor
05 Ventilation
06 Lights
07 Plumbing
08 Loading & Unloading Bays
09 Storm Water Discharge
10 Waste Water Discharge
11 Cleanliness
12 Rubbish Bins
13 Furniture & Fittings
14 Joinery
15 Electrical
16 General Painting

The Council would like to advise all Commercial Building Owners/Tenants to keep their buildings clean and tidy in accordance to the Public Health Act and National Building Code.

Inspections will be done to all buildings and it should be brought to a satisfactory condition in the areas stated in the table:

The owner/tenant will be notified of the defects and failure to comply with the above will leave the Council no choice but to instigate legal proceedings.

2. Building Developments

Building developments have increased compared to the previous years with new major developments coming up in the vicinity of Nausori. Given below are some of the major developments which have been approved in 2011 and the chart comparing it for the past 3 years.

  1. Liu Xiu Yun – Commercial Development on Lot 08, Verrier Road, Nausori.
  2. Dignified Cremations – Gas Fired Crematorium on Lot 01, Adi Davila Road, Davuilevu Housing.
  3. Rups Investment Limited – Commercial development on Lot 55, Kings Road, Wainibuku.
  4. Sarat Investment Limited – PAK N SAVE Supermarket on Lot 07, Gulam Nabi Street, Nausori.
  5. Nausori Meat Limited – Commercial Development on Lot 03, Kings Road, Nakasi.
  6. Mohammed Sadiq – Commercial Development on Lot 25, Kings Road, Nakasi.

3. Permitted Area of Development

Please note that for any development, there is a permitted area of development with respect to the Lot Area as per the General Provisions of the Town Planning Act Cap 139, Provision 9, Schedule B. This is calculated on the basis of Sewered and Unsewered Lots in accordance to the Density (Max) Plot Ratio or Unit. Please seek assistance from the Local Authority for further clarification on the above.