Doing Business with the Council

Commercial Activities

Commercial activities is the major contributor to the economic status of a town. Nausori is a gradual growing town and is boosted with a number of commercial activities that are located within the town area or the main Central Business District. There are three different categories for commercial zones – Commercial A, B, and C have specific required space that they must abide by.

Nausori is a fast growing town and there are a total of 589 registered businesses that exist within the town boundary as of March 31st 2011. The business section receives an average of approximately 8 business applications per month and this totals up to 96 registered businesses in a year, thus increasing the number of businesses. Business applications for the Commercial and Industrial Zones are processed easily compared to businesses carried out in Residential Zones as they have to meet certain requirements and are conditionally approved.

The Commercial Centre stretches for a kilometer along the N.G Patel Road which is the main road that runs in the middle of the main town centre. A total of 337 lots are used for Commercial Activities and these are only Commercial Zones B and C. Commercial Zones A does not exist in town as it requires 1.8 meters of front yard spacing. In Nausori Town, there are a total of 595 registered businesses however this is likely to increase with the developments that will be taking place in the coming future and the on-going business applications.

Commercial Business – 545

Industrial Business – 50

(These numbers may be subject to change)