New Gas Fire Crematorium in Nausori

New Gas Fire Crematorium in Nausori



The Crematorium is located in a 3.5 acre parcel of State land located adjacent to the Nasinu Cemetery. Its entrance is on Adi Lady Davila Ganilau Road just off the Kings Highway. The land was especially and conditionally leased by Government to Dignified Cremations for the sole purpose of establishing a modern Crematorium. We are very grateful for the great support we received from Government and the Prime Minister for this important project.

The person who operates Dignified Cremations Ltd:

Dignified Cremations Ltd is operated by Mr. Maurice Ruggiero, a building services Consulting Engineer. Maurice is a Fiji Citizen whose parents settled in Fiji in 1976.

Difference between traditional way of cremation and gas cremation:

Gas Cremation is very clean and fast. A typical traditional open pyre cremation takes between 8-12 hours to completely consume a body. Gas fired Cremation reduces a body to ashes in approximately 80 minutes.

According to Mr. Maurice Ruggiero,

This new Gas Fired Crematorium will provide a way for people of all religions to celebrate the life of the individual when it ends and for the living to gather social support to bring closure and move ahead with their lives. Its cornerstone is the use of a modern computer controlled LPG GAS fired Cremation furnace and a Ceremonial building with a sitting capacity of 120 people and another 300 standing. Extensive consultation in particular with the Hindu community and other religious organizations indicates the pressing need for a modern, clean and well set out cremation facility. This is evident in the tremendous response and support we have received from both secular and religious segments of Fiji’s society. Over the past decade Fiji’s society has evolved and become more sophisticated, yearning for the choice to cremate a loved one’s remains in a venue where well organized ceremonies can take place in a clean, expedient and dignified manner.


According to Mr. Maurice Ruggiero:

  • Firstly it will provide pollution control by eliminating cremation smoke and ash through the use of a high-tech furnace which operates odourless and smokeless.
  • Secondly it will significantly reduce greenhouse CO2 gas emissions which always occur with traditional wood fired cremations.
  • Families will be given fine powder ashes as a result of this type of cremation. This will completely eliminate the chance of large bones being discarded on our beaches and shoreline.
  • Ashes will be placed in biodegradable Clay Urns which will eliminate discarding of plastic bags, ice cream boxes and other unsuitable containers which are often thrown at sea with the ashes.
  • A lot has been said recently in regard to the control and prohibition of cutting mangrove resources from our shoreline. Much of this mangrove is cut to serve as fuel for traditional Cremations. This new LPG gas fired Crematorium will see the elimination of mangrove as a fuel for cremation purposes.


The facility will provide complete funeral services which will include:

  1. A State of the Art Gas Fired Cremation Furnace
  2. A large Celebration Hall which will promote uplifting interactions with people during and after the funeral and foster fellowship.
  3. The facility is non-denominational and available to all religious and secular organizations such as retirement homes.
  4. The Ceremonial Building features a large LCD screen and PA system which will allows photos of the person whose life is being celebrated to be shown during the ceremony.
  5. A website and live WEB CAST facility will allow people from anywhere in the world to view the ceremony over the internet.
  6. Provision of a distinguished Hearse service for transportation of the body.
  7. A Choice of caskets will be available for purchase or hire.
  8. Biodegradable Urns for environmentally friendly disposal of Ashes as well as Urns suitable for international transportation.
  9. A choice of flowers and wreaths will also be available at affordable prices.
  10. A range of Headstone and cemetery grave products manufactured and installed by us.